Fight for the things you care about

These times are calling us to take a stand and fight for the things we care about. Twenty years ago, Sydney celebrated the “best games ever”. Well, according to those who attended. Over this past month there has been a literal trip down memory lane, recalling how, as a collective, everyone came together to help…

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Release what WAS. Accept what IS. Create what must BE.

Over the years, numerous insights into what resilience is and how to develop it have been written and offered by various respected authors, psychologists and consultants. This week a couple of colleagues and I were in discussion and agreed that with the increased anxiety that we are observing in people, and in society at large,…

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The power of words

Words are powerful. They alter our moods, and can stick in our minds forever. I was reading an excerpt from New Story Blog on the weekend and Charles Eisenstein said one thing that struck me deeply – it is something that I have personally grappled with, as have many of the clients I have had…

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