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Shaping Cultural

Successful global leaders have innate cultural intelligence.

Today’s leaders must have global literacy encompassing four intelligences: business intelligence; cultural intelligence; social intelligence; and personal intelligence - all vital to their effectiveness within increasingly diverse workplaces and cultural engagements.

They have deep awareness of who they are, their fundamental values, together with the capacity to embrace ambiguity and achieve results in unfamiliar environments.

We help to develop global literacy encompassing the four core intelligences – business, cultural, social and personal – to navigate complex situations successfully.

Our cultural intelligence programs are tailored to the particular needs of each client. They include: working internationally, global leadership, cultural inclusivity and cultural coaching.

We ensure leaders know the rules that guide decisions and understand and appreciate the different values of their global counterparts.

Shaping Organisation

The underlying key to culture is a clear story

  • What do we do in the face of considerable uncertainties?
  • In what way should we position our organisation for success?
  • How can we chart a path for the next five years or beyond?

These are just some of the questions organisations are grappling with and searching for the capacity to address.

Businesses who are resilient and courageous value - innovation, spontaneity and the unique talents of their people.

They have the courage and the capacity to:

  • take a long-term focus
  • maintain stability through balancing knowledge and skill with intuition, innovation and insight
  • embrace strategic agility, essential to succeed in these challenging environments
  • embrace ambiguity and navigate complexity and
  • above all are conscious and live their true purpose.

As thought leaders we work with you to ensure your people are able to respond to complex demands of the unknown, balancing insight with – readiness, responsiveness, and revitalisation… a clear story!


Shaping teams for spontaneity, and growth starts with realising the individual and collective purpose.

  • How as leaders do we create a collective purpose?
  • What is our best response as a leadership team to the complexity of the uncertainties we face?
  • What will it take for us to get beyond our functional roles and work collectively together?

We work with individuals to help them

  • know their strengths,
  • their individual purpose and
  • what they bring to the team

This ensures ongoing success through:

  • shaping a collective purpose for the team
  • developing resilience through increased agility
  • resolving differences and
  • ensuring their unique capacitance can be fulfilled.

When they understand the story of their organization, are involved in shaping it, they then create an environment enabling them to live their story, and define ways to sustainably walk this truth.

Shaping Executive

Leadership is not a guarantee; it is a journey and it starts with resilience.

Leadership is not a guarantee: it is a journey and it starts with resilience.

“Transitioning” or “Transforming” yourself to being a leader requires a level of personal insight to enable you to embrace the opportunity and provide solid leadership to others. This new opportunity will require you to have a greater understanding of how the business runs and how its people operate. The critical factor is knowing how to move from a specialist to a generalist.  Research shows that leaders who have the agility to see a wider view of the world, and act on it, are highly valued by organisations, and more importantly their value creation to society.

An integral part of success is a deeper awareness of how you operate individually and as a part of the organization – you are more visible and need to be more present.

Leadership today means ‘being better and being different, working wiser, and in full integrity with your deepest self.’

We call this “shapeshifting”, rather than coaching because it involves a deepening awareness and self-reflection.

We work with you to: 

  • truly look in the mirror and honestly ponder your own mental models
  • determine what is important to you and to all others
  • appreciate and embrace the stages of development
  • deal with the anomalies and address those behaviours that do not serve you well
  • honour your highest values and aspirations
  • shape your leadership story.

The transition process is both holistic and pragmatic, and an authentic leader needs both. Through reflection on our inner world and that of the outer in which we operate, we are able to identify meaning, connection and purpose, and to be who we want to be.

Executives who want to expand their career must be able to access and develop a fuller range of their possibilities and this comes to the fore in times of executive transitions.

Our clients tell us that ‘they have never been listened to so deeply and well.’

Your Legacy

Shaping your legacy requires conscious awareness of your perspectives, how they shape you and your story. It is a very personal pursuit and one that takes courage and commitment.

Our passion for what we do helps individuals “stand tall’, owning the core of who they are, and expressing themselves skilfully at work and beyond.

The Tall Journey

The Standing Tall Process can help you develop:

  • Greater clarity and understanding about your values and vision, your deeper purpose – in your work and in your personal life
  • The capacity to come up with more insightful, more innovative options for you and your organization
  • More nuanced ways of working, living and engaging with community.

Throughout the Standing Tall process, we purposefully challenge you to ‘think better’ beyond the known, tried and true; to expand horizons, synthesizing diverse views to realize the best possible paths. All of this is crucial to making wise choices and is integral to living consciously.

Having the ‘clarity of purpose’ is the key to making wise choices.

It takes mindfulness and awareness of one’s intentions and actions and how they align to purpose. Perhaps this sounds left field, and it is our intention.

We believe leaders who are comfortable in their own spontaneity and outrageousness are those who Stand Tall, who walk at the edge, and are working towards owning their legacy.

A Standing Tall coach is like a sherpa on your leadership trek. Part companion, part guide, the Standing Tall coach can help you find the limits of your current thinking.

To lead is walk at the edge. Barry Brailsford

If you want to delve deeper please look at our Standing Tall program on

About Cultural Shape Shifters

Every individual, organisation and culture has a story – how you live that story is what matters. We help you shape your story.


Cultural Shapeshifters is a consortium of expert talent, with a passion for learning and commitment to guiding individual leaders, their teams, organisations and communities to think, behave and create differently .

Our holistic approach supercedes conventional boundaries, addressing cultural and people issues, creating innovative and sustainable working environments, to navigate the increasing complexity. At Cultural Shapeshifters we help our clients to not only tolerate complexity but learn how to use it to their advantage. In becoming more agile, creative, and aligning people’s values and behaviours with new thinking, this promotes responsibility and conscious choice through impactful solutions.

Our cultural shaping process is built upon our Walking Tall philosophy – “To lead is to walk at the edge”.

Shapeshifting is the capacity to shift the shape of an individual’s story and that of the collective through transitions - in essence purposeful shifting, purposeful change.


While our experience and credentials are top notch, what makes us unique is our inherent passion for supporting leaders with practical and transformative experiences and conversations.

We act as thought leaders with you, guiding and advising as you define and shape your story.

We use a scientific and investigative approach, designed to embrace new thinking with proven wisdom.

We transform cultures and leaders with potential to be extraordinary.

We use the methods of rethinking and reforming to ensure our own thought process is fresh and innovative.

We embody what we do, as we support our clients through the shifts towards integral thinking.

Through our unique shapeshifting process we guide you to see and more deeply know and appreciate the complex ‘webs’ in which you operate.


Specialising in cultural transformations, leadership development, executive and personal transitions, team dynamics, cultural intelligence all involving expanded thinking.

All our work is tailored for personal and organisational needs. We offer Coaching – Strategic Facilitation – Advisory Services

Content includes

  • Shaping the Organisational Story to support the culture
  • Leading (Building) Teams to be effective in transitions, through (alignment) enhanced resilience.
  • Owning Your Story and shaping your legacy through insight and action
  • Navigating complexity creatively and innovatively.

Outcomes we offer you

  • Leading edge experience and capacity to handle disruption, navigate complexity and create a better story
  • Breakthrough performance, as people become more aware, and take ownership of their story.
  • Increased self-generative thinking and personal development.
  • Accelerated delivery of important projects, acculturation of executives.
  • Commitment to long-term partnership.

Our people

Cultural Shapeshifter’s people are accredited practitioners and extraordinary thought partners.

Anna Harper
Cellene Hoogenkamp
Jeremy Norton
Diane Wilcoxson
Eileen Broer
Anna Harper

Anna Harper

Anna leads Cultural Shapeshifters, a consortium of accredited practitioners and extraordinary thought leaders. A shapeshifter and guide, she works as a leadership advisor and systems change agent. For 30 years, Anna has focused on individual and collective transitions and transformations, drawing on her behavioural training, capacitance work to define the story and establish new possibilities.

Her wealth of international experience and appreciation for different views is invaluable where cultural differences are involved. She specializes in executive transitions and leadership development, with a particular focus on cultural transitions.

Anna holds a Masters Degree in OD, majoring in Chaos, Complexity and Creativity, focusing on human and organisational dynamics. She also has a Fine Arts degree and is passionate about design. Prior to establishing Cultural Shapeshifters in 2003, she worked for international organisations in Europe, Australia and Asia. Currently based in Sydney, Australia with extensive work throughout Asia.

Anna is also a certified Narrative Coach™



Shapeshifter – awakening and expanding the status quo and leadership within
Synthesizer – bringing pieces into a whole, and taking it beyond
Focaliser – focusing on what will help you to make wise choices.

Cellene Hoogenkamp

people-celleneCellene Hoogenkamp

Cellene works with you to deepen your awareness, enabling you to be a more effective leader communicating with clear intentions.

Cellene has over 25 years experience in both private and public sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, health, financial services, music and management consultancy. She worked as a manager, consultant & coach, senior executive and board director, has broad cultural experience in various world regions and a deep understanding of global leadership issues. Cellene’s strategic capacity enables her to see patterns where others see complexity, sees potential blocks and around corners.

Her high energy enhances engagement. Cellene has worked internationally, as an executive coach, with clients ranging from Fortune Top 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs, in the USA, Europe and Australasia. Currently residing in Seattle, WA, USA, travelling extensively in Europe and to Sydney (Australia) . She speaks, English, Dutch, German and French.


Ideator – always looking for connections, changing perspectives
Relator – encourages deepening of relationships
Connector – building bridges for people of different cultures, sees connections between separate things, we are part of something larger

Jeremy Norton

people-jeremyJeremy Norton

Jeremy is a thought shaper, fostering the conditions for shifts to arise and for new stories to take shape. He specializes in individual transformation and collective transitions with a focus on cross cultural work and multicultural environments. More than 20 years working with top global companies leading organizational change in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, has given Jeremy a deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s leaders.

He has travelled extensively through Asia, Central and South America, and been a teacher of mediation and yoga at one of Europe’s top retreats. This capacity is integral to his approach in transitions and shaping one’s story. He has provided guidance to business owners, executives, and people facing personal and career crossroads.

His wealth of experience and genuine commitment to helping people reach their potential is a result of his appreciation of different perspectives and his drive to serve others. Jeremy is currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand.


Strategist – Able to sort through the clutter to find the best route. To see patterns where others see complexity.
Connector – Bridge builder for people of different cultures, looks for connections, changing perspectives. Considerate and accepting.
Adaptor – Able to remain aware and focused when all is unclear. Can move responsively with unforeseen detours.

Diane Wilcoxson

people-dianeDiane Wilcoxson

Diane is a mindshifter, shaping your thinking to align with what is truly valuable to you as an individual, and thereby allowing you to be an exceptional leader in whatever field you are operating.

Specializes in executive transformation and leadership development with particular focus in multi-cultural environments. More than 25 years working with Fortune 500 companies whilst based in Hong Kong, has given Diane an intimate understanding of global leadership issues.

She has provided executive and personal guidance to senior level executives and owners of a wide range of businesses in Hong Kong, Europe and USA. Her wealth of experience, commitment to shaping clients thinking to jump-start their transitions is a result of her appreciation for different views and life experiences. Currently residing in Hong Kong, SAR, travelling extensively within Asia, the USA and Europe.


Mindshifter – Shapes your thinking to what is possible
Enabler – Assists you to see the pieces and pinpoint your focus of attention
Clarifier – Refocuses your attention on what will allow you to make wise choices to best fulfil your goals in life

Eileen Broer

people-eileenEileen Broer

Eileen is an exceptional people shaper. She redefines your thinking, enabling you to show up as an extraordinary leader, aligning you with what is truly important to you. Eileen specializes in executive coaching and leadership development with particular focus on multi-cultural environments.

More than 25 years working with Fortune 500 companies in the USA, Europe, China and Hong Kong has given Eileen an intimate understanding of global leadership issues. She has provided executive and personal coaching to senior level executives and owners of a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Her wealth of experience, commitment to shaping clients thinking respectfully, is a result of her extensive knowledge and her appreciation for different views. Currently residing in Colorado, USA, Eileen travels extensively within the USA, Europe and Asia.


Peopleshaper: Shapes your thinking to what is possible
Focaliser: Assists you to see the pieces and pinpoint your focus of attention
Changemaker: Refocuses your attention on what will allow support you to more fully fulfil your goals in life

Our Advocates

We work with international corporations, entrepreneurs, small business enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, and the public sector. They all have one thing in common - they are courageous and willing to think differently.

Our clients include leading edge companies in many sectors such as accounting, energy, financial services, IT, medical technology, telecommunications, engineering and pharmaceutical industry. Our relationships are trusting and discreet. Cultural Shapeshifters' guides and advisors have been active for many years in business themselves, and enjoy working with our clients.

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