Walking Your Luminous Path 

“It takes powerful inner resolve to manifest a deep sense of the rightfulness of existence at a time when we’ve been conditioned to fear it.”

With all the chaos, misinformation, or should I say ‘dis’-information distributed from mainstream media sites, plus the overload and misuse of Social Media, it can be difficult to discern the ‘truth’. White noise, it seems, is everywhere. And yet, there is a positive coming to the fore. People are stepping forward with courage to call out what is not okay, to challenge the status quo and speak their truth. As Grace Tame, Australian of the Year 2021, says: “ We have a voice, we will not be silenced, and we will be heard”.

The March4Justice held on March 15th across Australia enabled many voices to be heard. Women in particular, are stepping forward, and this time these voices will not go away quietly. There is a demand for justice. Not just for women, but for a more just society for all.

This theme is replicated in different parts of the world as things we thought were true are unravelling before our eyes. Institutions, political systems, inequalities. These are breaking down because we have outgrown them.  We are refusing to be gaslit from top-down. We are pushing back against the manipulation of the media and moving to experience personal truth and reality on an individual level.  Humankind is, if you like moving to a more collective journey, a sense of recovery in a way, which celebrates interconnectedness, cooperation and resilience.

We need practices and perspectives that are in step with our times. Those which integrate both ancient and emerging wisdom and are informed by an up-to-date understanding of the human condition. This requires us to deeply question the choices we make on our path and listen intently to our inner voice. To find our own truth  and enhance our discernment amongst the ‘white noise’.

The dialogue in some media which comes from many holding onto the old paradigm of separation, hierarchy and dare I say it, misplaced masculine energy, could cause one to despair. Yet there is hope. People with enormous courage, and often at deep personal expense, are stepping forward to lead the way. These people are not coming from the outdated model of the hero’s or heroines of past years, to quote Loran Bevan “they are examples of the diverse Creators of the new energies.”,

We need this diversity in all its form to be acknowledged. So too, authenticity and unique expression of our truth. 

Living deliberately is the overarching theme in the magnificent book “Phosphorescence” by Julia Baird. Its full title, “Phosphorescence, on awe, wonder & things that sustain you when the world goes dark” is full of grace, insights, personal truths which Julia experiences and shares so eloquently.
Julia impresses as someone who stands tall in her truth, has demonstrated the qualities of living deliberately and knows her path. She also lives in rhythm with the new energies, and uses such practices as swimming in the ocean every day to sustain her inner strength and sound awareness of what is ‘right’. 

“Regarde: Look, and savour” (page 202 of Phosphorescence) a phrase from the French writer Colette, stuck with her in some of her darkest moments, and helped her move towards her light. She highlights the need to learn how to regard and pay attention, to mine our own inner strength and accept the possibility that we can emerge from pain and grow by moonlight – in times of darkness.  We have the ability to “push ‘right’ back on winter and find inside a summer.” We also need to seek and settle upon a purpose in life – and this is something many people seem to discover once they fully open their eyes. 

I sense that this month of March, is opening many peoples eyes to becoming phosphorescent. The marches which are currently taking place, across the globe may have slightly different themes – yet there is a ‘connecting’ thread. A thread of authenticity, of truth telling and that of a collective voice. A gathering of individuals with a deeper purpose uniting for a collective purpose. The needle seems to have moved further on the dial toward action, where there will be change. There is a strength, a force, that will not dissipate. 

It seems that in the sacredness of ordinary life, in the small things, we can restore the sanctity of our own experience. This is isn’t easy to do within the current climate, where fear and uncertainty seem to be in abundance. We’ve been told to suspect the very air we breathe, to stay away from touching and even seeing others in certain parts of the world. I am so pleased to be living in New Zealand where this is not the case. It takes powerful inner resolve to manifest a deep sense of the rightfulness of existence at a time when we’ve been conditioned to fear it. 

This is what the current cosmic weather is asking of us: to become free in your body, to deeply breathe fresh air, get exercise, feel the strength of being alive, really alive, to touch others and be touched, to regenerate the roots of your being. Make these practices a daily thing, not a once off!

One of my clients is, in his own words “having many insightful moments”, as he deepens his ‘stillness’ and moves to the ‘lookout’ before responding or reacting to a request. His ability to ‘state the truth’ without blame or judgement, is something he has been working on. The practices he has been embodying have been supporting him as he looks to mine his inner strength.

Where and how can you take a stand?
How do you counter media distortion and censored truth?
What practices can you embrace and embody to live your path?