Re-tuning to the Energies

“ It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday”   John Guare

That rickety bridge has felt even more rickety at times during this last month. It felt that possibly a few rungs were missing. Minding one’s step seems increasingly important, especially when the next step is toward the unknown, or not yet fully formed. A void is how I am sensing it. 

With the beginning of one Era, and ending in another – the key to remember is to be future facing. There are opportunities on other side of that rickety bridge that we cannot yet realise. It is up to us to be ready to embody new ways of being and welcome the incoming ripples of possibility with grace and acceptance.  

I know from personal experience that 2020 has at times, felt ragged, exhausting and even flattening, as I navigated these shifts, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Now it is time to sow the seeds that I want, for my next season’s growth. Repairing the tattered edges to weave together again in 2021, in a design that serves me on all levels. Perhaps this is familiar to you too – it seems many friends, colleagues, clients appear to be doing likewise.

Even countries, such as the United States, are rethinking what they want moving forward. The parody continues and is an example of holding onto something that is no longer relevant, not willing to let go, trying anything to prove he (Trump) was right. 

Now is the time for each of us as individuals, to clear away the debris – recognising and releasing unquantifiable tension from what is holding us back from gaining traction.

It is a moment where you get to review, rethink, and recreate just about anything you want. 

Check in with that quiet voice of wisdom inside:

• What’s heavy and weighing me dow
 • What or who am I tolerating, putting up with or settling for?\
 • What am I fantasising about leaving or radically changing
  • What am I going to stop doing?

These are few of the questions I have been contemplating as I relocate to a new city, new country and reset and relaunch my “tall journey”, in a land whose energies supports this process. It has been a venture long planned, and obstacles encountered and overcome, requiring me to stop focusing on “What is going to happen?” 

Instead to ask radically different questions such as: 

“What am I going to create, to transform and to risk?”

“How do I want my once in twenty years Personal Re-Set to be?”

When we come from the energetic source of resonance of integrity, deep passion and alignment,  things do seem to flow. It is then that our true qualities, our deeper truth come to light and are visible. The future will require very different ways of serving, of leading and engaging.

The qualities people will increasingly pay for in the new era are authenticity, inventiveness, uniqueness and most importantly, meaning. So consider what light are you intending to bring forth.

As Maya Angelou said,” When we shine our collective light together, we are more resilient than when we walk the path alone.”

This is not a journey to walk alone. Collaboration will be key to reshaping a future that embraces and accelerates global initiatives towards alternative ways of thinking and sustainable living.  Who is in your collective? Who do you reach out to connect with to share?

As Otto Scharmer, Presencing Institute, so aptly states  “See 2020 as a teacher:

Lesson 1: Systems Thinking: collapsing the wall that separates my perception from the interconnectedness of the whole eg. pandemic wave 1. I would add our awareness of the eco systems in general.

Lesson 2: Systems Sensing: collapsing the wall that separates my experience from that of others and from the whole eg BLM, and from my perspective, exclusion of any sort.

Lesson 3; Systems Presencing: collapsing the wall that separates my sources of action from the field of the future, from what is wanting to emerge now eg., new ways of being and engaging in these new possibilities as we release old patterns and ways of doing, that are no longer fit the future. 

2021 will be time to embrace the ‘re-tuning’ of energies, which are ripe wth potential if we can do this gracefully and with ease. Grasping onto old ways and old beliefs, will only hold us back.  We can see examples of this happening across the globe. We must get the economy back and running – but what kind of economy is needed to serve the collective good and not just the few and one that does not plunder the environment? Instead, ‘re-tuning’ requires subtle adjustments and the capacity to adapt to these times. The Reef, a superb documentary on ABC television demonstrated how scientists are creating innovative ways to save The Great Barrier Reef. They know the old ways needed to change as a matter of urgency if we indeed are to save the reef. It was heart warming to see and hear how so many passionate, intelligent people are proving science has the answers. Similar to the climate scientists who are working on the issue of the increasing intensity of ‘fires’ and the damage to the environment.  They are looking for what is fit for the future. So too should we. 

In working with a client this week, there was a moment when he realised that when he was in tune with his team, his energy was different. I have tasked him to listen to jazz and use this as a metaphor for how he leads his team. To notice when he connects, loses connection, to notice the energy shifts. 

How can you ensure your rhythm is fit for future?
• What no longer has traction for you?
• What are you intending to create, transform and risk?
 • What are you noticing yourself doing now that you didn’t before?