“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” — Paulo Coelho

This is a dramatic time of ‘re-creation’. Within the tumult, it is important to reclaim you. Reclaim your life, transform and reshape your purpose and start to build anew.

Hope is reborn – if we are open to new opportunities. A sense of excitement at the new shoots appearing, often initially invisible, until we slow down and really see.

Taking the time to notice is just as important as noticing what is truly important. With all the ‘challenges’ many of us have faced since the beginning of 2020 – especially here in Australia where we have experienced the most destructive and devastating fires across much of the land. The likes of which many ‘old hands’ have never experienced previously – losing one’s homes, businesses, livestock and native animals. With so many challenging conditions, one could question what to pay attention to.

The fires were then followed by cyclonic rains which caused equally as much damage in many areas. The drought ridden farmers, however, breathed a sigh of relief.

Hope was reborn.

It is in times such as these that one does indeed, need to slow down and be present.

Remember to attend to your own needs. Be part of the whole, yet apart from it. Others are important, yet, so are you. If there is danger of losing yourself amidst others, or the surrounding noise, act with purpose to gently make your own space.

Be extraordinary.

There are those whose natural instinct is to – ‘do’. To jump in and take action. To be at the front line. Young people who stepped forward and took the initiative like Dana Mitchell on Kangaroo Island, who set up Go Fund Me to save the Koala’s there. Her initial aim was to raise $15,000 – this morning the amount raised was $2,440,000! This amount will go a long way to saving this specific species of Koala’s which are free from disease in the long term, as well as other species on the island. The support from Defence personnel and everyday Kangaroo Island folks has ensured Dana’s mission has succeeded. A simple act, that has resulted in something extraordinary.

The vision for Kangaroo Island to become, once again, the Galapagos of Australia.

Dana is someone who ‘stood tall’ when it mattered.

In a state of ‘overwhelm-ment’, we often forget that it is the simple things that can make a difference.

It seems that this was the experience of many last year. With so much happening all at once, we needed to step back and reset.

For each of us, in times of transition and changing circumstances – be they big and bold, small and relatively simple – it is important to remember what is deeply important.

Regeneration is happening.

The climate will continue to change. It is how we navigate and take action that is key.
What is reassuring, is that when circumstances change, our previously held beliefs can also change as we see things through new lenses.

Seeing things through a loving eye, for example, allowsone to see through and beyond the image and affects the deepest change. AsJohn O’Donohue wrote in his book “Anam Cara” p92.

“Vision is central to your presence and creativity. To recognise how you see things can bring you self-knowledge, and enable you to glimpse the treasures your life secretly holds.”

There is no right or wrong or black and white, when we have the courage and wisdom to consider other views, to shift previously hard-held ‘views’ – this is when true dialogue can occur.

A client I was working with last year experienced this when she realised that it was important to speak up and share what was truly happening, and not hold back for fear of being shut down.

When something is bigger than you, sharing insights, without expectation of agreement is important if we are to arrive at the optimal decision, or wisest choice from the bigger context. This realisation made her aware of what happened to her body when she held back and how to manage her energy so she was heard. It takes courage and a willingness to be challenged, even rejected.

The important thing is are you willing to see the bigger context and not just the short term.
We need the capacity to take actions now that serve us in the longer term.

There are those of us who are inherent leaders who step forward and take action – who stand tall, doing things differently with grace as well as courage. These are the ‘ones’ needed now in these times of transformation. Those who step forward and lead and enable others to follow.

Remember, each of us is destined to follow a different trail and honour different needs.

• How do you reclaim your ‘light’?

• How do you stand tall on your trail?

• Where are you leading and where are you following?