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Women who want to change the world.

What if the word “leadership” didn’t conjure images of power and dominance, but instead was more representative of collaboration and caretaking? Now that would be a mindshift! That’s just one of the ambitious undertakings of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC) based in Rhinebeck, New York’s Omega Institute. In 2012, the OWLC was created to help…

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Global Cosmopolitans

What a great shift in thinking! And what opportunities for this generation to help reshape’ perceived boundaries, with borderless thinking. The world is an oyster to a growing number of people who have lived, worked and travelled across the globe and across different cultures. “The technological revolution has made it not just possible, but even…

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A wonderful teacher of mine, the late Angeles Arrien, had the most insightful way of encapsulating pearls of wisdom. One that has stayed with me and serves as a constant reminder is: ” be focused on outcome but not attached to outcome”.  In essence we cannot control the outcome, as many unknown variables may occur,…

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